With Flesh Unbound

Written by: PP on 02/06/2010 20:31:12

Most artists on the Sweden-based label ViciSolum Productions belong to the elite within their genres. Korea, Havok, Diabolical have each received high ratings from this magazine despite ranging from Deftones-esque experimental nu-metal to serpentine death metal. Unfortunately, every good label has it's misses too, Daemonicus being a good example last year, and now SYN:DROM (what is the purpose of the colon?) following suite. Hailing from Sundsvall, Sweden, the band plays fiercely Anti-Christian, standard modern death metal consisting of serpentine riffs, typical death metal growls and a ton of blast beats. Rather unsurprising and un-innovative in every way, which would be okay if they exceled in songwriting somehow, but even in this department the band relies on the same tried-and-tested stuff as most other bands in the genre.

While being an enjoyable and well-produced record in it's own right, "With Flesh Unbound" suffers from the fact that it sounds like every other death metal band out there. Sure, they add some technical wizardry and trickery across the album, but the effect is much akin to peppering a steak; it's still a standard steak unless you marinate it with extra ingredients. Bands comparable to SYN:DROM are label mates Diabolic, and also genre heavyweights Nile and Decapitated, although their riffs are far more organic in comparison. In fact, SYN:DROM's riffs are about as anti-organic as death metal goes, and feel mechanical and technical instead. Never a good feat in brutal death metal, trust me on this one.

That said, I don't want to take anything away from the band. The songs show technical prowess and skill despite lacking any sort of feeling whatsoever. As such, the record isn't outright terrible, just a very, very average, typical death metal release that's only recommended to those of you who can't get enough of modernized death metal.

Download: Scorned Messiah, In Utter Contempt
For the fans of: Diabolic, Decapitated, Nile, Trauma
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Release date 30.04.2010
ViciSolum Productions

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