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Upon The Warlords Crawl

Written by: PP on 02/06/2010 19:37:51

In contrast to the Minus The Bear album I just reviewed, Truth Corroded's "Upon The Warlords Crawl" is a beast. In fact, it's a beast even in comparison to most other metal releases around these days. As you might have guessed, we're dealing with extremely dense-sounding macho metal, characterized by a crushing wall of sound where the focus has been to make the sound as heavy as possible. Kind of like Sepultura in the old days, or modern American metal bands like Lamb Of God, God Forbid, and DevilDriver. The album was originally released in Australia back in 2008, and it took almost two years before an international release was made available, hence we are here today with the goal of dissecting the album into a meaningful block of text.

Stylistically, Truth Corroded play a 50/50 split between thrash and death metal, and just like other new metal bands these days, they have not managed to escape the odd metalcore riff or influence here and there. But don't you worry, they compensate with heavy amounts of Exodus-inspired thrash metal and a boatload of aggression delivered in the form of Lamb Of God-inspired chunky riffage ("Salute The Horrors", in particular) and thick death metal grunts. Sharp listener will even detect hints of Machine Head in a track like "Buried Alive By Demons", so if man-crushing metal is what you'd like on your dinner plate tonight, then Truth Corroded is equivalent to this.

As for being on par with their influences, Truth Corroded still has some more hill-climbing to do. It's not outright average, but it's not particularly impressive either, especially when placed in direct contrast with any of the bands mentioned in this review. However, the sound throughout "Upon The Warlords Crawl" is thick and dense enough to force it's way through any obstacle, which gives the band an interesting enough identity, leaving me curious about where their sound is headed when their fourth full length arrives in due time.

Download: Salute The Horrors, Crown The Apocalypse, We Are Failed
For the fans of: Lamb Of God, Exodus, Machine Head
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Release date March 2008
Truth Inc Records

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