Reno EP

Written by: PP on 29/05/2010 17:38:20

From the burgeoning Belgian hardcore scene, I've been handed yet another candidate capable for international success. Following in the footsteps of bands like Rise And Fall and The Maple Room from the same scene, Reno deliver tight and intense mathcore which doesn't hide its Botch and early Norma Jean influences. Information about the band is scarce, so I have no idea how far into their career "Reno EP" is for the band, but the four tracks on the EP are all convincing accolades to the genre pioneers Botch and Converge.

Chaos, ever-changing time signatures and odd tempo changes are the carrying force across the eight minute EP, with intense, mostly screamed vocals dominating the soundscape in an explosive manner that's almost certainly a spectacle in a live environment - precisely like colleagues in Norma Jean, Botch and Rise And Fall. But what really gives these songs a boost are the haunted spoken-word clean sections which arrive unexpectedly each time they are used. They add that extra ingredient that makes the songs stand out - such as the "are we all living a lie? are we all living a lie?" repetitions in "Deconstruction" that launch into fierce screaming straight after. The record ends in echoing "THIS IS THE END, THIS IS THE END" screams on "Androids Don't Even Dream", a fitting finale for a chaotic mathcore album that leaves the listener wanting more.


Download: Candidates Facing Bombs, Androids Don't Even Dream
For the fans of: Botch, Norma Jean, Rise And Fall, Fight Pretty
Listen: Myspace

Release date 19.03.2010
I For Us Records / Tanzbär Records / Apocaplexy Records

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