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Taste The Sin

Written by: MT on 29/05/2010 16:09:15

Georgia's Mastodon, Baroness, Kylesa and the up and coming Black Tusk from Savannah like the two latter bands, are part of a string of bands hailing from the swampy south - their southern roots giving birth to a hybrid of metal with lots of groove, blues rock and plenty of sludge and progressive tendencies derived from the more than notable Mastodon. So what sets Black Tusk aside from their contemporaries?

Raw power and balls! This power trio really puts the emphasis on "power" with their music. If you put the Swedish Entombed into a huge cauldron with southern spice, raw punk attitude, a little Black Sabbath and Motörhead, an evil concoction known as Black Tusk would come out. Where other bands from their scene display the technical prowess of progressive metal, Black Tusk rely on simple, driving riffs and attitude to carry them. It's hard not to bang your head in approval when listening to their new album "Taste The Sin". It's not got catchy melodies, but the raw vibe and feel of a band that is hungry to prove that they are the baddest band in the south.

"Taste The Sin" is what I hope is going to help pave the way for a new generation of bands who will be fed up with the over-produced, lifeless music that seems to be greeting you at every corner. Modern music production allows us to record completely perfect records which ultimately, in my humble opinion, sterilizes them. Wasn't rock and roll all about capturing a vibe and a moment in time? It's what makes music timeless and makes it feel genuine. It's why we can still listen to Zeppelin and Sabbath records half a century after their release. I'm not talking about disregarding modern technology, but using it tastefully and intelligently. Black Tusk definitely adhere to this and the result is monumental!

The album is through and though very solid. "Red Eyes, Black Skies" is sure to become a fan favourite. High On Fire and Motörhead fans will love the fast-paced "The Take Off", which is the first part of the last three songs about a car crash. The trilogy fits superbly together and wraps up the album really well. I usually find the ending of many albums to be a little lackluster, but Black Tusk delivers on this aspect. If you want some heavy, fast-paced, raw and ballsy sludge, "Taste The Sin" is an album you've got to hear!

Download: Embrace The Madness, Red Eyes, Black Skies, The Take Off
For The Fans Of: High On Fire, Baroness, Entombed
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Release Date 11.05.2010
Relapse Records

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