Wir Fahr'n Ans Kap

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Although they offer next to no musical value, Kneipenterroristen at least know how to have fun. In many ways, they are Germany's punk'n'roll equivalent of Denmark's Red Warszawa, a juvenile band more concerned about the volume of beer consumption and childish jokes than of anything critically acclaimable. But yet Kneipenterroristen have got a few redeeming qualities in that at least they know how to write catchy, easy-going three chord songs with anthemic choruses. In other words, perfect dumbed down music for the Football hooligans to chant along on their way to South Africa in just a couple of weeks' time. "Wir Fahr'n Ans Kap" ("We Travel To The Cape") is a live album consisting of a cross-cut of hits from the band's 12 year career presumably recorded at a show in Hamburg, plus a couple of new tracks as well.

The album opens with a new track carrying the same name as the album, which is a football themed song clearly written with the World Cup in mind, a story of how Germany (I'm guessing) will take the cup home from the cape. At least that's what my shoddy Germany skills told me. The other non-live track on the record is "Das Geht Ab", a cover of a 2009 party classic by Frauenarzt & Manny Marc (in Germany) translated into the true Kneipenterroristen sound. As for the live show, the sound echoes a bit but at least you can hear the crowd cheers, applauds and even minor sing-alongs to some of the band's better known tracks like "Pornostar", "Sie Kam Zu Mir Am Morgen", and of course my favorite Kneipenterroristen song, "Mein Letztes Bier" (My Last Beer), full of hilarious one-liners regarding the situation when you're beer is about to finish. Like I said, Football-fan music, for sure.

So don't come here looking for artistic value, because that's certainly not a part of Kneipenterroristen's repertoire. But unlike Red Warszawa, Kneipenterroristen compensate with humour that's actually pretty funny in places, and an ability to write some reasonably catchy three-chord songs with chant-along sections for good measure. In any case, the title track should be a part of any World Cup fan's tournament playlist this summer.

Download: Wir Fahr'n Ans Kap, Mein Letztes Bier
For the fans of: Punk'n'roll version of Red Warszawa, V8 Wankers
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Release date 30.04.2010
Remedy Records

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