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Written by: PP on 24/05/2010 19:23:53

For every masterpiece or a great album, every reviewer must prowl through a dozen or more average and below average albums. Eye For An Eye belong to the last category with their debut album "Downfall", which references good ol' change-of-the-millennium era hard rock bands in an extremely poor and unconvincing manner. On paper, a little bit of grunge/post-grunge and radio friendly choruses sound good, but unfortunately for this band, neither comes through in practice. Lets start with the James Hetfield-imitating vocalist, whose voice is completely monotonous and boring throughout the album. He sounds just about as uninspired as Hetfield did on "Load" and "Re-Load", trying to sound angry but instead coming across as flat and, frankly, irritating in many places.

Then you have the rhythm department, which also references the same Metallica era (I'm still waiting for those grunge sounds promised to me on paper) but here, too, the playing is too unoriginal and uninteresting to make any difference. The band simply drones forward slowly in songs that, if graphed on an x/y axis, would simply produce a flat linear line of y=3, if the y axis represented our grading scale. There are no climaxes, no build ups, nothing to suggest that Eye For An Eye have anything in particular to offer to the listener except for rehashed riffs and sounds you've heard played waaaaaaaaaay better elsewhere. Yes, there are the odd Kyuss, Alice In Chains et cetera references, but they are done so poorly that they are almost irrelevant to mention in this review. To their credit, however, a couple of songs aren't entirely annoying, just not something I'd never put on voluntarily. Sorry - this just doesn't do it for me.


Download: Until I'm Done, Downfall
For the fans of: mid 90s Metallica, Kyuss, Alice In Chains
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Release date 19.04.2010
Rising Records / PHD

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