Bring The House Down

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Here's another recent release from the burgeoning European punk rock scene. This time we're heading to London, UK and catching up with Deadline, who have been entertaining listeners with female-fronted punk rock for nine years now. "Bring The House Down" is the group's fifth full length thus far, and it positions itself roughly halfway between older Paramore material and The Distillers. It's not as poppy as the former, but neither as raw and aggressive as the latter. Instead, the band shifts between oi! punk and street punk for the most part, but pop punk and ska make an occasional appearance as well.

The album is characterized by vocalist Liz Rose's strong melodies which have you singing along starting from the first track "The Trouble Is", where the band is probably at their most poppy. But make no mistake, radio friendly this album is not, as the frenetic tempo shift into breakneck speed shows on "Fraud" after some sleek bass playing. While there certainly are a bunch of infectious chorus melodies and cleanly distorted guitars on the disc, there are also lengthy sections where Rose certainly has taken lots of influence from the scratchy rawness of Brody Dalle (The Distillers). Check out "What's Going On" or "99%", for instance. The title track "Bring The House Down" is another track where the pace is kicked up a few notches, leaning towards Discipline-style woo-hoo street punk: straight forward, but bloody effective, and then you also have the obligatory nod towards Bad Religion on "For Better Or For Worse" - the resemblance to the legends is uncanny (discounting female vocals of course). The band even sneaks in some ska as well, given how much "Two Heads (Are Better Than One)" sounds like a "Tragic Kingdom" era No Doubt song.

Overall though, the focus is clearly on catchy sing-alongs and a straight forward street punk platform. "Bring The House Down" isn't an album trying to re-invent the wheel, or even to be original. It relies on a tried-and-tested formula, spitting out a bunch of enjoyable songs that should have most fans of the genre singing along, and why not also the occasional Paramore fans?


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For the fans of: Alabaster, The Distillers, Discipline, Paramore, Bad Religion
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Release date 25.03.2010
People Like You Records

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