Bersarin Quartett

Bersarin Quartett

Written by: DR on 22/05/2010 12:53:15

Bersarin Quartett is the brain-child of one man, and one man alone: Thomas B. He first started this project back in Germany; the year: 2006. Two years later released his eponymous debut album. There was clearly some buzz about it, almost certainly because of the numerous good reviews it has received. Another two years later and Denovali, a label famous for it's unique artists, have picked it up and have re-released it on vinyl.

So, you've got your history of the band. Now, I've got to try and give you, the reader, an impression of what the band actually sounds like. It's hard to this without beating you over the head with words like "ambient" and "electronica" - but, then again, I don't care about your head. It's ambient. It's pretty much the definition of "ambient", as it envelopes you, and takes you into its other-worldly dimension of electronica that's blatantly inspired by, and akin to, film compositions. They make the kind of music that goes unnoticed in film, but can make all the difference if it's not there. A subtle and well crafted piece can add an entirely other level to a scene, or change the mood suddenly. BQ have brought this to your headphones.

Opening things is "Oktober", a sweeping, lush string-incited soundscapes that swells, before calming down for the drum and electronic beats to take centre stage. Stand out track is the beautiful "St. Petersburg"; mysterious, almost gospel swirling underneath delicate keyboard work that soon bubbles up into becoming fast paced and intricate. Of course, eleven tracks of the rehashed format would begin to get boring, but there's plenty of versatility here too. "Und Die Welt Steht Still" could be a page out of This Will Destroy You's slow-burning beauty textbook, "Es Kann Nicht Ewig Winter Sein" has a Balmorhea-esque serenity to it, while "Die Dinge Sind Nie So Wie Sie Sind" makes terrific use of a faded horn part.

Although it could be said that this album doesn't really "go anywhere", that's sort of the point. At times it's dark, at others it's calm, at others it's dainty; yet Bersarin Quartett posses the knack to be able to switch between any of those three moods seamlessly, no doubt helped the fantastic production as it really gives the music a layered feel. If you like downtempo electronica, with occasional post-rock tendencies, give this a listen.

Download: St. Petersburg, Die Dinge Sind Nie So Wie Sie Sind, Mehr Als Alles Andere
For The Fans of: The Cinematic Orchestra, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Deaf Center
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Release Date 26.03.2010
Denovali Records

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