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In Your Own Time

Written by: PP on 20/05/2010 04:11:00

The Great St. Louis are a band I stumbled on by accident on Myspace, liked what I heard on the player, checked out some reviews of their newest album "In Your Time", and decided to check these guys out. After all, a 9/10 rating from Rock Sound and 4/5 on must mean something, even if these guys hail from Bolton, UK (the British media has a thing for their own peeps). I'm glad I did.

Opener "Mooresy" outlines what to expect from the rest of the album by sounding like a faster version of Social D, especially in the vocal department. I guess Mike Ness ranks high on these boys' list of influences, as do fellow UK gravelly punk rockers Leatherface. Essentially, The Great St. Louis sound like a balanced mix of the two styles: old school meets the gravelly, No Idea Records-style punk rock. Sing-alongs and melodic guitar lines are of key importance here, and there are plenty of feel-good songs that should ring a bell with anyone who was ever into Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, et al known for their use of the coarse-but-oh-so-melodic vocals. A song like "Remain" should remind you of either band, really.

But still, Social D fans is what this record is mostly aimed at. Though not a direct clone, most songs bear more than just distant resemblance to the legends, which isn't such a bad thing cause that style hasn't been too active in the last decade or so. It's a record for those feel-good sing along moments all of us need to get through the days.


Download: Remain, Mooresy, Closest Enemies
For the fans of: Social Distortion, Leatherface, Jawbreaker, Reno Divorce
Listen: Myspace

Release date 23.03.2010
Boss Tuneage

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