Untied States

Instant Everything, Constant Nothing

Written by: PP on 20/05/2010 02:46:12

Untied States (no typo) are an avant-garde group from Atlanta, audibly influenced by the likes of Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Liars, and a whole bunch of other noisy, indie-flavoured names that I won't bother naming here. As you might imagine, "Instant Everything, Constant Nothing" is an experimental album, fusing together elements from a number of genres seldom seen together, starting from screamo and post-punk, ending with experimental rock and indie rock. In fact, the breadth of diversity found on the album is overwhelming, yet one aspect that is avoided like plague throughout is pop.

That's not to say that Untied States aren't memorable in the midst of their busy, experimentalist soundscapes. It's just that every such passage is drowned underneath vocal effects, distorted guitars, loads of feedback, punk up melodies and mellower tracks to back up the band's artsy style. It requires close attention to detail as the focus is on minute specifics and surprising song structure instead of a traditional verse/chorus/repeat format. One moment the band's vocalist is screaming uncontrollably in a sea of distortion, much in the vein of Sweden's Traktor, and the next moment they're testing the true limits of what is music through some incredibly avant-garde, where everything sounds as if Radiohead were experimenting with off-tune melodies and noise-rock.

So if pushing the envelope and an outright refusal to be boxed or pigeonholed into one genre are high on your list of priorities when you're looking for new music, then this new Untied States album is something for you. Despite the record being released two decades after Sonic Youth pioneered a similar style, Untied States in no way sound dated, instead coming across as a fresh group looking to create some art for themselves, rather than music for the masses.


Download: Grey Tangerines, Not Fences Mere Masks
For the fans of: Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Liars, Radiohead, Traktor
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Release date 13.04.2010
Distile Records

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