Fake History

Written by: TL on 12/05/2010 14:21:37

Regular readers will no doubt have noticed that I have become more and more of a pompous little prick in my reviews of late, and while I would apologise for this if I in any way felt remorse about it, the fact is that I am refraining from use of the highest grades and most lofty superlatives with good cause. Simply put, you might not see them often, but bands are around that are better than just 'okay' or 'good'. Albums come out that are more than just 'a handful of catchy songs'. In fact, there are a rare few bands out there who are just so much better than most others that the top marks and finest words must be reserved for them. And one such band is Letlive, at least judging from their recently released third album "Fake History" (since I haven't ever heard their other stuff).

I won't be coy about it, because Letlive aren't coy either. To paraphrase an old review on this site, this band is probably the closest (post)hardcore will ever come to pillaging your village and racing with the devil on the Spanish highway. "Fake History" is that good. The sound of it is most directly comparable to Glassjaw, mainly courtesy of their singer's distinctly Palumbo-ish vocals, erratically zigzag'ing between flat out hysteric screams, rallying yells and cleans full of in-your-face attitude.

Rather than rip off Glassjaw directly however, Letlive pick up where "Worship & Tribute" left off, taking a similar sound into the new millennium and countering its generation's ADHD by sending awesome moments at the listener in an overwhelming avalanche of intensity. Abrupt riffage crushes the listener one moment, only to shift into pseudo-southern rock'n'roll licks in the next ("Renegade 86'"). Latin percussion and atmosphere (no doubt inspired by The Mars Volta) finds its way into the picture on occasion as well ("Enemigos / Enemies") as does silky female guest voices ("Muther" and "Casino Columbus") and high speed Circus Circus-ish guitar frenzy ("The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion" and "Casino Columbus"). Maybe you can even join me in being reminded of Jane's Addiction in the towering "Over Being Under"?

Bla bla bla, I could talk about this record all day and night, and still I could never make it's quality more clear than it can itself on even the first listen. It's a record of such uncompromising intensity and hysterical bitterness that it makes even the extensive use of profanity seem cool as fuck. It opens with such a hell raising declaration of intent that you will never forget it. Its excellent production, all organic and raw as it is, takes a stinking piss all over the überpolished poster-parody that has become modern post-hardcore. Its atmospheres are established without wasting any time or requiring any of your patience, rather it just melts your face clean off. It is, without a doubt, in the top2 of records I've heard from 2010 so far. Woe upon you if you miss it.


Download: whoah shit dudes, just get it all, this is all killer, no filler
For The Fans Of: Glassjaw, Jacobi Wichita, Refused, Circus Circus
Listen: myspace.com/letlive

Release Date 13.04.2010
Tragic Hero Records

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