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Inspired by my current business degree examination period, I'm going to conduct a SWOT analysis of AFI's seventh album "Decemberunderground", their sophomore major label attempt after their 2003 album "Sing The Sorrow".

Strenghts: (The good!)

The hardcore punk tracks like "Kill Caustic" and "Affliction" are awesome. The band has brought in screams more used in the emo/screamo movement than in their past albums, which is a refreshing change. Lovely start for the album.

Weaknesses: (The bad!)

The epicness the band is trying to achieve, the mainstream commercial sound of tracks like the first single "Miss Murder", "The Interview" or "Love Like Winter" - the songs are mediocre and boring to say the least. Why is the entire album filled with these? Why has the speed two or three times slower from the previous albums? The song structures are far too obvious and boring to catch my attention.

Opportunities: (Regardless of the above)

To gain a shitload of airplay with songs penned with the radio in mind and to gain lots of fans who'll insist on Green Day being the best band on earth after they first were introduced to them in "American Idiot", plus almost guaranteed triple-platinum status as the masses relocate to the nearest record store to pick up "Decemberunderground" (Over 3 million listens of the single on Myspace alone? Give me a break)

Threats: (Bad. Very bad)

The unavoidable slaughter of your new album by all online/underground press given they have heard the earlier albums pre "Sing The Sorrow". The hatred from your old fanbase that you now have alienated after two incredibly disappointing albums: Comments like "AFI died for me after The Art Of Drowning" can be seen everywhere on the net. Entering a scene where other bands have been years before you, and have produced ten times better albums just this year already. Hello? Earth calling. You're not Matchbook Romance!


Cut the crap. You aren't Yellowcard either, you're supposed to be the punk band that was idolized by everyone during mid-90s to 2001. Go back to your roots, write another "Black Sails In The Sunset" and be the flagship of dark punk rock you were destined to be. Otherwise, I too will pretend you ceased to exist in 2003.

Download: Kill Caustic, Affliction
For the fans of: Matchbook Romance (new)
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Release date 06.06.2006

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