Destroyed By Creation

Written by: GR on 10/05/2010 01:09:17

Big Ben stands, alone, a surviving monument somehow untouched despite the complete devastation that surrounds it. Parliament lies in ruin, but a barely recognisable pile of rubble. Buildings all around, obliterated. A few disparate survivors pick through the destruction, knowing not what to think or do, as dark clouds gather and smoke hangs in the air. Don't worry, though, this isn't the state of central London brought about by another day of anarchy as the UK lingers without a government following the election. No, this is the scene depicted by the artwork of "Destroyed By Creation", the debut full-length from UK thrashers Elimination. It's a typically apocalyptic image that fits well with the music to be found on the album, as I've found out on repeated listens to its 12 tracks.

Originally (as far as I can tell) given a minor release last year through a different label - after a couple of demos/EPs since 2007 - Rising Records have picked up Elimination and seen to fresh distribution for "Destroyed By Creation". Such attention suggests another worthwhile addition to the UK thrash scene, much like recent albums by label-mates Sworn Amongst and Abadden, and I'm happy to report this is indeed the case. Adding their own mark to the classic thrash template, Elimination set themselves apart from their contemporaries with a sound that incorporates a distinct old-school traditional/power metal feel, in the vein of prime Iced Earth. This influence is not prevalent on all the songs found here, neither is it obvious all the time on those tracks that do feature it, but its a factor that helps give the band an identity all the same. The vocals of front-man Neil Stevens are also, like for many bands, a defining part of the Elimination package; grounding the band in the thrash realm with a gruff, forceful delivery.

Whilst full-throttle thrash metal is at the heart of Elimination - song titles such as "Straight To Hell" and "Wargames" are hardly subtle - its their appreciation of melody and structure that lifts this effort well above the abyss marked 'average' and provides some of the most enjoyable moments. Melodic thrash riffs and licks abound, joined by quality soloing, throughout the album. From the stiring guitar work on "Nightmare Asylum" to the epic gallop of title track, closer and personal favourite "Destroyed By Creation", Elimination have produced some engaging material with more subtlety than is first apparent. This is not an album that's going to convert any thrash sceptics, as at over an hour long it can start to drag at times and I fear casual listeners would find proceedings a bit 'samey' overall. For thrash fans however, this is a worthwhile disc and a solid start for a band finding their place in the metal world.


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For the fans of: Pitiful Reign, Testament, Iced Earth
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Release date 19.04.2010
Rising Records

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