Archetype of Chaos

Written by: EW on 08/05/2010 00:01:35

Listening to a band like Poland's Trauma is like listening to their bands' collective CD collections and hearing the variety of influences shine through across the tracklisting of "Archetype of Chaos", incredibly their seventh studio album since a 1992 formation. Incredible given that up til now I've never heard of them, despite their country's ever increasing reputation for death metal. The reason is that while "Archetype..." is a decently solid and admirable listen it didn't either jump out of the stereo and destroy my face like listening to Decapitated or Behemoth did for me the first time. Following the obligatory introduction, the groovy "Cortex Deformation" is like Nevermore-turned-DM, there is Morbid Angel in "The Slime", Nile in "The Truth Murder" and a fair old wack of Hate Eternal across tracks like "A Dying World" and "War Machine"; all excellent bands in their own rights and influences Trauma have used well in the creation of their own pummeling yet rather listenable pure death metal art.

Artur "Chudy" Chudewniak's vocals don't express much in the way of variation, following a pattern of Corpsegrinder-like low-end throat mangling without deviation but thankfully his bandmates been the writers of a number of decent riffs, which have in turned formed into songs like the closing "Destruction Of The Demented World" which offer much more than the most simple and generic DM doing the rounds these days. Their production is what you could say ideal for a resolutely death metal-minded band in 2010 - deep, brutal and clear yet not lurking beneath a veneer of gloss and mechanical studio tricks and while it may not itself lend you many ideas when trying to guess the band behind it, the decent usage of tempos and knowing just when to ease off on the blasts is at least another positive in Trauma's armoury circa 2010.

For what they have attempted Trauma have been the creators of a pretty full-on, intensive and dynamic DM record in "Archetype of Chaos", one which isn't likely to push them into the big leagues but should at least ensure they have some strong material to play in the inevitable support slots for when their touring heroes come to town.

Download: Destruction Of The Demented World, A Dying World
For the fans of: Morbid Angel, Decapitated, Hate Eternal
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Release date 26.02.2010
Witching Hour Productions

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