Nine Inch Nails

With Teeth

Written by: PP on 22/04/2005 01:12:13

5 years is a long time in the world of rock. Many bands enter the scene and several old ones fade away. And then there's bands like Nine Inch Nails. 5 years in the making, "With Teeth" is the follow up to 1999's "The Fragile". They say that the wait is worthwhile for the good stuff, and boy is that true about "With Teeth". It contains 55 minutes of industrial rock excellence. There are very, very few people in the world who are capable of doing something this good. Trent Reznor has, once again, exceeded him self. In fact, I am prepared to go as far as saying that this album is better than the 1994 classic "The Downward Spiral". "With Teeth" contains fast, aggressive industrial rock anthems like "You Know What You Are?", desperately slow epics like the opening track "All The Love In The World" that, in a dark room, make one feel entrapped. With "Beside You In Time", Trent has chosen a whole new angle on his style. He has mixed his own sound with the one typical to Radiohead. In fact, the song sounds a great deal like "Everything In It's Right Place" by Radiohead. Overall, this record is bound to become a classic album.


Download: Every Day Is Exactly The Same, All The Love In The World

For the fans of: Radiohead, Pigface

Release date 03.05.2005

Interscope records

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