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For Aeons Past

Written by: PP on 03/05/2010 22:22:58

Does the name Christian Älvestam ring a bell? The Swedish dude who parted ways with Scar Symmetry after three albums with the band, leading them into critical acclaim and massive (on today's scale) commercial success internationally? Since then he's been wasting his talent in Miseration, a completely average death metal outfit which failed to take advantage of his fantastic clean delivery, but about a month ago his new band Solution .45 released their debut album "For Aeons Past". To save you some time let me answer the obvious questions straight away: does it sound like Miseration? Nope. Does it sound like Scar Symmetry? Hell yeah. I think that Mr Älvestam has finally realize that what people are after in his bands is his at times unbelievable ability to switch from pitch-perfect clean singing to gargling growls in the blink of an eye.

The genre is modern metal, relying heavily on active dynamics between brutally growled passages, down-tuned chug-chug riffs, high-flying solos, and driving lead riffs. The sound is mechanical (not in a bad way, just in an industrial sort of way), and the production has given the band a truly 'modern' vibe much like Scar Symmetry, or why not also Raunchy and Fear Factory for that matter. You can tell that these guys have been influenced by more than just one genre because of the way they shift between death metal passages and quiet, melodic interludes where Älvestam is given all the space in the world to shine in the clean vocal department. For example, "Lethean Tears" would be a boring ballad every other time if it wasn't for Älvestam's chillingly good delivery. On the other hand, you also have some aggressive growling and melodeath style instrumentation on "Bladed Vaults", but even here the band realizes that it's best to let Älvestam's sublime clean vocal choruses to take control at the right time. In a way, the brutal/soft dynamic reminds me of an exaggerated or extreme version of fellow Swedes Dead By April.

What makes "For Aeons Past" a good record is how memorable it's songs are despite the band not exactly offering anything that hasn't been done before. "Into Shadows", "Clandestinity Now" contain some electronic elements to spice up the infectiously catchy choruses, and "Gravitational Lensing" is just a perfect example of what Solution .45 are all about. If you like Scar Symmetry or Raunchy, this is an album for you.

Download: Gravitational Lensing, Into Shadows, Bladed Vaults
For the fans of: Raunchy, Scar Symmetry, Fear Factory, Evergrey
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Release date 09.04.2010
AFM Records

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