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Nominon's presence in the death metal world has always ensured sounds of the dirty old school variety are alive and well in a sea of overly produced and digitised releases clogging up the name of this once proud genre, diluting the raw power of what was always meant to be a humane yet darkly evocative music genre. Alongside names like Kaamos, HOD, Destruktor and Tribulation, Swedes Nominon take influence from older artists such as Unleashed and Entombed with the result on this fourth studio album being a no frills and no bullshit, honest sounding death metal record.

Within any genre where great care is taken to uphold the sounds and values of old the possibility of reinventing the wheel is virtually impossible, but this unavoidable fact doesn't hinder Nominon's listenable and engaging take on the genre nor prohibit them from being a band that should be checked out by all fans of death metal. Songs like "Undead Beast", "Mountain Of Hate" and "Wrath Of Shiva" are brutal, well-written and at times, catchy, death metal tunes that ring with extra resonance following my recent complaints of albums sounding hideously digitised and processed - in this game there is no overly-saturated sound to hide behind if you can't write a decent riff. In these 9 mid-length songs the level of quality is high throughout with an obvious nod given to their live potential; "Undead Beast" the one sounding most likely to be a hoot live.

"Monumentomb" exhibits an all-round improvement in songwriting and performance from my previous experience with the band, 2005's "Recremation", such that it lays out a unique identity for Nominon, rather than portraying them as mere clones of the dark old-school death metal vibe. They may not be doing anything brand new across these 40 minutes but for what they are attempting Nominon have done it very well throughout the whole of "Monumentomb".


Download: Undead Beast, Wrath Of Shiva
For the fans of: Tribulation, HOD, Destruktor, Unleashed
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Release date 23.03.2010
Deathgasm Records

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