Blinkers Define The Spasm EP

Written by: EW on 16/04/2010 20:55:20

The peculiarly titled "Blinkers Define The Spasm" is Greek death metallers Veil's first EP and a brutal signal of intent of what young bands can conjure up these days with greater proficiency and technology at their disposal against the influencing forefathers of this style. The five songs here blast past nicely across their 20 minutes, and such is the decent all-round quality contained within you would be hard-pressed to believe this offering was from a band yet to record a full-length. Conjuring up thoughts of Angelcorpse, Malevolent Creation and God Dethroned in my mind, third track "Inversely Objective" is the pick of the five, with some interesting compositional moments in the middle, offering enough deviations from the norm alongside it's all-powerful blasting core and actually possessing enough identity to linger in my mind after the EP is over.

Veil's statement of intent is indeed obvious from the opening second of the EP on "Pharisaism", a fact I am pleased about rather than having to endure some psuedo-elaborate symphonic intro (rarely needed on a developmental EP like this). To offer criticisms would include a greater lack of variation in speeds, tempos and vocals and a snare drum sound resembling a collection of kitchen pots'n'pans, but for a self-financed EP things could be a lot worse. Unfortunately for Veil there's no lack of over-crowding in this region of DM but at the very least they have created something to be proud of.


Download: Inversely Objective
For the fans of: Brutal death metal ala Angelcorpse, Malevolent Creation
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Release date 21.09.2009

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