Dead Love Poems

Written by: ASH on 06/06/2006 22:37:41

Take some hypnotic melodies, a savage and mysterious attitude along with lyrics that unravel the cruelty of humans and you have Bloodflowerz, the newest fuel to the flame in the German rock scene. With their fresh release here in the end of June, the band now has three full-length albums to be proud of. Along with her three other band members, vocalist Kirsten Zahn's "Bloodflowerz" has been a part of the goth-rock scene for "only" four years, making her band freshmen in the quite interesting genre. Nevertheless, they seem to have the will to take it all a step further, but let's dig deeper into the band's newest composition: "Dead Love Poems".

With its combination of introspective lyrics and fierce guitar riffs, their experimentalism with many different sounds and instruments, such as violins and a shalm (a traditional oboe from Egypt), parts of "Dead Love Poems" stand out of the crowd. More precisely on tracks like "Anthem For A Stranger" and "The Fool And The King", you are able to hear that they've approached a different angle in music. Even though the shalm in "Anthem for a Stranger" is personally too much of the good for me, it is still interesting to hear and you get a feeling that here's a group of artists, who have taken a risky step into the world of experimenting with their music.

Oh yeah, just so I don't forget to proclaim it, the synthing done in the first track "Sajida's Song" is a treat. For me, as the listener, it gives me a surprisingly good introduction to the album. It's mysterious and catchy, which is just what Bloodflowerz has to follow all the way. Their energy just tends to fall back on some of their tracks, which is precisely what the band has to watch out for in order to not become dull and unmotivating. Overall, "Dead Love Poems" is undoubtly a well-thought album, but I can only look forward to their next release and hope that they have further improved.

Download: "Sajida's Song", "Damaged Promises"
For the fans of: Delight, Flowing Tears
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Release date 23.06.2006
Silverdust Records
Provided by Target ApS

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