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Written by: MT on 15/04/2010 01:02:46

The Foreshadowing's appealing artwork of their new release "Oinos" is unfortunately a little misleading as the music is not nearly as intriguing. I see many other sites singing praises for this album, which I can't seem to catch onto. Maybe it is because I'm missing something here but this just hasn't caught on the way I'd liked it to (and yes, I do like doom/gothic music).

The 5 piece band hails from Italy and seems to draw a lot of inspiration from it's fellow doom-metallers like Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride, albeit not in the same league. "Oinos" starts off well with "The Dawning", which sets the melancholic mood for the rest of the album but after getting to the 4th track, it all seems to start getting very monotonous. The playing is tight, the production is decent and The Foreshadowing do push all the right gothic buttons. However, everything is played safe and nothing catches the listener. The songs seem to fade into each other seamlessly in one long uninspired wallow, drenched in self-loathing and misdirection. The band is neither this nor that and run in circles in an aimless middle ground from which the songwriting just is not able to transcend into something special. The main problem for me is the singing, which is just not varied enough.

Just when you think the songs are going somewhere, it is just back to the same thing. In the end, it becomes frustrating and is hard to get through the album. I think that this band certainly has the potential to go somewhere, as all the right elements are there but they just need to focus themselves and take some chances.


Download: The Dawning, Outsiders, Lost Humanity
For The Fans Of: Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride
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Release Date 01.04.2010
Cyclone Empire

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