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Germany keeps pumping fresh rock into the veins of the public nowadays. This time it's the promising industrial dark-rock band Eisheilig, who has released their third and newest composition "Elysium", and has seemingly improved their sound since their birth in 1998. Jumping into a tough realm already dominated by "Rammstein" within the German borders, "Eisheilig" has already been through some critic turbulence regarding their previous release, the second album in their collection "Die Gärten Des Herrn".

Nevertheless, they've gained more confidence in their music, which you will undoubtedly hear on, for example, the first track of the album: "Sturm". This track in particular gives the listener a good introduction to the whole album with its intelligent mixture of interesting and emotional German vocals, a slow and dark drumbeat followed by some great atmospheric synth, giving the song that special, moody touch of something creeping closer...and closer until it's right in front of you. Though the mechanic guitar riffs accompanied by faint bass lines don't play a big role in "Sturm", you get to hear it alot more on other good tracks like the quite primal "Elysium".

Also, I'd like to recommend the ninth track "Schrei" or "Scream", since there's just something special about it. The synth in the beginning of the track will make you feel like entrapped in a submarine, alone and helpless. It sounds just like hammering on the metal within a sunken ship and matches both the theme and title perfectly. "Elysium", the album, is easy to get through. It's not one massive riff attack, but at the same time it's not a dull, bedtime lullaby. And thanks for that!

The major drawback of the album though, is the lack of originality. It can be tough to compete with the mainstream radio hits like music from "Rammstein", but I'm sure that Eisheilig reach could reach new heights if they tried experimenting with their music. Love, God, and death may be the only three things worthy to write about, but that's no excuse for not trying new methods. Finally, even though this won't affect my grading of this album, I'd like to say that it's nice once in a while to get a "complete" album with cover, booklet, back card and a cardboard outer sleeve with artwork. Not because it gives me the feel of getting a real "free" album, but because it shows that the artists has more to show than just their experience with music. As for the artwork, it's great, abstract, and mystical, yet also realistic. When you take a deeper glance of the front cover, you can only agree with it's "hidden" message:

"To reach the skies, you have to walk a long and unknown path."

When all comes to the end, I look forward to review their fourth release when we get that far. In the meantime: Try experimenting some more and keep it going. So, if you're interested in atmospheric tanz-metall / industrial rock with melancholic German vocals, then "Elysium" will feed your interest for quite some time.

Download: "Schrei", "Elysium", "Sturm"
For the fans of: Rammstein, Oomph!, Unheilig
Listen:Sound samples @ their official website

Release date 26.05.2006
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