The Inhuman Aberration

Written by: PP on 02/06/2006 16:09:02

Danish underground thrashers Urkraft return with their second full length album "The Inhuman Aberration", once again filled with blistering thrash riffs, atmospheric keyboards and growled vocals. 'Primitive Force', as the bands name translates to in English, describes the sound of the album already, but I'll expand on that argument in the next two paragraphs.

The thrashy guitar riffs draw your attention to them immediately, showcasing the production ability of the up and coming Danish producer Tue Madsen. The swirling riffs on the title track and on "Too Strong For The Strongest Lord" are bound to make the most stubborn head nod in pace with the breakneck tempo, and the stone-cold pounding of the drums and the double-pedal blast beats surely won't leave anyone cold. The usage of keyboard, however, is disputable. Though sparingly used, it takes away the brute force the guitars otherwise possess on "Open The Gate" to name one example, and works against the sound rather than adding a new dimension to it. The crystal-clear production of the guitars turns blurry as a result, and the songs that are more keyboard oriented fall short of the great highlights like "The Inhuman Aberration".

The problem with the album is the extreme quality range - It's almost as big as the temperature difference between winter and summer in the Scandinavian countries. Where the opening track rips you into pieces and kickstarts the album as an excellent piece of thrash metal, the unnecessary keyboards ruin otherwise great songs ("Liberation" for instance), and consequently the album drops down a grade or two. But for what it's worth, the highlights on the album overpower the not so good tracks, making the album well worth a purchase. I'm waiting for their next album with excitement.

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Release date 29.05.2006
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