The Singularity

Written by: MT on 07/04/2010 23:24:00

Divinity's new release "The Singularity", is an effective concoction of thrash, death metal and even grind with experimental overtones. This Canadian band fearlessly rides upon a huge spectrum of metal sub-genres, summoning a behemoth of sound filtered through the attentiveness of great musicianship. An album which is sure to raise some eyebrows on many levels and hopefully with the right support from Candlelight Records, will pin these guys to the map of extreme metal.

"The Singularity" did not strike a chord in me upon my first listen, but after thoroughly going through it a couple more times, it really grew on me. One of the things that struck me was how heavy and pissed off this band sounds. We're talking throw-your-TV-out-the-fucking-window-along-with-your-girlfriend's-nasty-little-chiwawa pissed! But at the same time, there are many contrasting elements of beauty. As opposed to many modern metal bands, these guys are able to convey their emotions through the music whilst still retaining a high level of technicality and a fantastic production. The band is young, hungry and holds nothing back (the drummer must have gone through boat-load of sticks and skins while tracking). The high octane approach does not make for easy listening; readers approach with caution!

After the album's 2 minute intro "Abiogenesis", the grinding passage of "Beg To Consume", the album's most straight forward song, kicks you in the nuts; the über technical solo placed to rub in your face how great the axemen are. The third song "Lay In The Bed You’ve Made" takes a more melodic and progressive approach and really shows how diverse the band is and is one of "The Singularity's" great moments. The following song "Emergent" is a frantic song which is less memorable and is unfortunately placed behind another of the album's weak points - "Transformation". As the album progresses, it is a little hard to stay focused and only experienced tech death listeners may be able to handle the high doses of extremity. There are a few parts which I think sound very similar to fellow Canadians Strapping Young Lad, especially in the clean vocal department and Gene Hoglan inspired drumming.

After a little monotonous mid-album moment, the band pulls some of the best songs towards the end and the album regains my interest and finishes off nicely with the last three songs (minus the alternate mixes). Front man Sean Jenkins' versatile voice is as crushing as it is melodic but despite his fantastic versatility, some of the melodies could use a little work.

Despite some of the albums short comings, this is a great release and I am excited to see what their next album has in store for us. As they say, the third album is usually make or break. Until then, "The Singularity" is set for some more spins in my head.

Download: Lay In The Bed You've Made, Formless Dimension, Approaching The Singularity
For The Fans Of: Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah, Between The Buried And Me
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Release Date 24.04.2010
Candlelight Records

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