Of Our Lives

Written by: TL on 07/04/2010 00:01:17

Ladies and Gentlemen, for my last trick tonight, it is time for a review of another one those records that I heard about randomly and acquired as a spur of the moment kind of thing. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for the British five-piece Avosetta, and their début EP "Of Our Lives".

Basically, Avosetta fall, rather predictably considering name; image and location, into the vague "scenester rock" category (I mean, can we really still call it post-hardcore?), so to further clarify, readers may think first and foremost of the excellent hotshots of last year, Closure In Moscow, for a good comparison. Main man Sam delivers a fine Jonny Craig-inspired performance on the all dominating clean vocals, albeit maybe in a slightly lower tone, while the rest of the typical dual-guitar line-up work wonders behind him.

And work wonders I mean, because in spite of the fact that I've been hesitant with the most excessive superlatives so far in this review, and despite the fact that I have a hard time coming up with any accurate description or metaphor for Avosetta's sound, what I must impress upon you readers, is that this band is quite awesome regardless. Of course you could likely have guessed that already when I likened them to CIM, and if you did so, then your suspicions should be fortified when I also feel like name-dropping my darlings in Oh, Clemency.

Anyway, back to the music, which is basically four tracks jam-packed with seamlessly interplaying melodies, sexy guitar tones and dynamics extorted exactly like the good book demands they be (if there was a book on dynamics that is). The journey back and forth between soft and heavy is perfectly exhilarating, with the mentioned silky cleans leading the way, and blast beats and backing screams to boot in places. Add catchy lines generously, yet refrain from making song structures too obvious, and naturally, the result is a very promising début from a good young band. It's dangerously close to giving me those chills down my back that let's me know that I have something that belongs in the upper echelons of our scale, and it has already lasted me many, many listens. So why haven't you got it yet?

Download: Of Our Lives, Syncopated Heartbeat, Snakecharm The Dead Whale
For The Fans Of: Closure In Moscow; Oh, Clemency; Emarosa
Listen: myspace.com/avosetta

Release Date 15.02.2010

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