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You Didn't Know I Was Alphabetical

Written by: TL on 18/03/2010 20:29:30

Recently I reviewed a very delightful alt/country record called "Communipaw", by a band also called Communipaw, in which the lead singer's name is Brian Bond. Today, I'm reviewing a record called "You Didn't Know I Was Alphabetical", by a 'band' called PJ Bond, fronted by a man also called PJ Bond, and sometimes joined (according to the myspace page) by the formerly mentioned Brian Bond. Now, I've been too busy actually listening to the records to check family trees, but I would be quite surprised if these dudes turned out to not be brothers or cousins or something, especially considering how similar their musical output is.

You see, this is another one of those alt/country records that I'm starting to enjoy reviewing more and more. Again, Ryan Adams and The Snake The Cross The Crown appear readily in mind as easy points of comparisons, especially in a song like "Mama, I'm A Smoker", which reminds me of what I've heard on Ryan Adam's darker "Love Is Hell" releases. Communipaw is of course also a reference it's hard not to point out, with the differences being that PJ Bond keeps his stuff slightly mellower, while also singing in a voice that's ever so slightly more dark than Brian's.

On the whole, there is as little need to go into more detail with this record, as there was with that mentioned Communipaw one, because what you need to get about it, is that it is exactly the kind of twangy, chilled out - yet in no way old-fashioned - music that you want to have playing from your home stereo when all you really want to do is kick back and relax. It engages your mind and encourages you to nod, sing or hum along in places, yet it doesn't demand your full attention for its duration, and it would just as readily fade into a pleasurable backdrop if your concentration is suddenly needed elsewhere. If you do pay attention though, you might even get rewarded by lyrics that have some charm, and by songs that have some character, "Stop Being Bad", the already mentioned "Mama, I'm A Smoker" and the closing "Oh, Hunter" springing up first as ones to remember. I'll wrap things up by re-phrasing a recent cheeky facebook status of mine: "Forget about scene music! Alt/country is where it's at" - especially so if you need something to treat the stress induced by a busy daily life.


Download: Oh, Hunter; Mama, I'm A Smoker; Stop Being Bad
For The Fans Of: Communipaw, Ryan Adams, The Snake The Cross The Crown
Listen: myspace.com/pjbondmusic

Release Date 10.11.2009
The Black Numbers

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