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Written by: TL on 18/03/2010 19:53:35

As you may have noticed, Thursdays have started turning into reviewing days for yours truly, and such is it also on this Thursday, where the next promo in my seemingly bottomless pile of bands that are likely unknown to you readers, is one that amuses me slightly. The artist is Joey Groon and the record is a three-track EP called "Undefeated", which comes with a small sticker that says 'Promo-CD contains hit-singles such as "Reveal" & "Maybe September" from "Undefeated"!'. I find it curious, calling two out of three songs off this disc for "hit singles" considering that I've never heard either song, nor Joey Groon's name so much as mentioned anywhere. Doing this job and generally spending far too much time prowling the web for music as it is, I thought I was pretty well up to speed with current pop/rock hits?

Regardless, Mr. Groon, who handles all singing and instruments, as well as half the production duty, has used this third EP of his to go for a mellow yet pop/rock-y sound, ripe with casual strums of electric guitar and bass, as well as some groovy beats upon which Joey lays his deep-ish singing. The disc is spearheaded by "Reveal", which is indeed also the best track, sporting the most memorable moment on offer as Groon chants "take a chance to make a difference/ take a chance to be yourself", however, I can't help but notice the irony of singing words like that and "maybe it's just a pop song/ another boring pop song/ without any meaning.." in a song that is in fact this poppy? On purpose Mr. Groon?

Regardless, the track is fairly enjoyable, as is the following "Maybe September", a slower number which reminds me of somewhat more Danish contemporaries, like Tim Christensen or Saybia. It's not as catchy as the opener, but it makes up for it with a more sincere feeling of depth. After it's run its course, "Music Industria" shows another side to Joey Groon, with a rather attitude-fueled live-recording, where especially the guitar seeks to awaken your attention. That being said, the track does seem to hint at belonging to a less forthcoming past of Groon's, sounding more deliberately indie than poppy.

Overall, "Undefeated EP" is quite enjoyable, because Groon delivers three distinct songs that are confident, yet still casual and seem void of pretence or moments of 'trying-too-hard'. On the other hand, I'm hard pressed to say it's going to rock anyone's world. For that, it feels much too mundane and unambitious, and while the poppier direction, that the two first songs display compared to the last one, is likely to entertain people who find themselves in the presence of a Joey Groon live performance, I think that the music yet lacks the character that is needed to reach out over the airwaves and force people out of their armchairs and into the venues. A pleasurable listen then, albeit one you're more likely to stumble on by accident than to purposefully seek out.


Download: Reveal, Maybe September
For The Fans Of: Tim Christensen, Saybia

Release Date 01.01.2010
Sound Soldier Records

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