Where Sinners Bleed

Written by: ASH on 29/05/2006 22:58:48

Okay, overcoming the mountain of new promos that we were recently delivered I took four of them just for you all out there. Today's patient will be the German death metallers Obscenity with their newest release "Where Sinners Bleed", and this is some hard shit to be honest. Having been a part of the more brutal death-metal scene since 1989, Obscenity can brag about their musical experience without a doubt, and with this album they hope to draw even more fans to their already great fanbase.

Right now they're preparing for Wacken Open Air 2006 metal festival and I'm sure that they can please the craving masses of metal-fans out there. "Where Sinners Bleed" will deliver you a solid sound of heart-rhythm disturbing drums, killer riffs (and yes, they are killer riffs, don't mind the cliché), a pulsating bass line and vocals that take good death-metal and then twist it one more time in the right direction. "Where Sinners Bleed" can tend to be a bit exhausting if you just smack it on the player and want to hear it through in one go. Just take a few tracks at a time, get your mind and ears off it for some time and then play some more tracks later. I think that it'll be better for your overall health.

Nevertheless, with tracks like "Mutate to Scourge - Infecdead" and "Out of the Tombs", Obscenity gives their brand on how quality death-metal should be delivered to the masses. Especially "Mutate to Scourge - Infecdead" amazes me because how the hell can their drummer keep that beat? He is triple drumming constantly on the bass drum while killing every other drum by handpower. I say amazing, but more veteran death-metal fans would probably find something even more extreme. Yet in my opinion Obscenity has quite what it takes to tear down a building by using just some single riffs, a drum smash-fest and flaming demonlike vocals. So, hear them out (but no extensive listening in the beginning!) and feel the power. They're good and have only a few problems that they should consider to work with while making their next album. So keep it up.


Download: Mutate to Scourge - Infecdead, Out of the Tombs
For the fans of: Illdisposed, Impetigo
Listen: Official site

Release date 09.06.2006
Morbid Records

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