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Hotter Than Hell

Written by: PP on 18/03/2010 13:09:41

What a nice surprise from AC/DC to only spend just over two years this time around to write and release the follow up to "Black Ice". Ballsy, badass rock'n'roll is always a welcome addition to any record collection, a sort of a universal implicit understanding between all music fans around the world. A song like "Double Demon" kicks ass with its big riffs, a classic solo and vocals that are unmistakably Brian Johnston....except none of this is actually true. What I'm trying to say is that Big Ball's "Hotter Than Hell" and the tracks in it are about as blatant AC/DC rip off as you can find. Of course, you should never mistake a clone band for the actual legends, and that's also the case here because you can definitely hear that it's not Angus handling the guitar nor Brian delivering the tortured rock'n'roll vocals, but you can't deny the overwhelming similarity between Big Ball's sound and AC/DC.

That said, AC/DC takes "slightly" too long in between releasing albums these days (only two in the last decade), so is it really a problem when bands release extremely similar sounding, definitely inspired and influenced albums in the meantime? I'm not entirely sure if it's good taste or whatever, but at least Big Ball's hard rock riffs and song structures aren't entirely devoid of potential. "Porna Lisa" is as funny as it is catchy, "Big Ball Crew" is an enjoyably rowdy sing along track, "Killdozer" shoves a fistfull of mean riffs in your mouth faster than you can spell AC/DC, and "Free Fire Zone" has a Blues Brothers style jazz-rock'n'roll vibe to it's rhythm. And those are just a couple of examples on the record; I just can't find it in me to call them bad songs even if there's no denying that they are direct clones of a classic, legendary sound. So I think your opinion on "Hotter Than Hell" will depend on just how much AC/DC imitation you're able to swallow without screaming "COPY CATS YOU SUCK" should you ever attend their live show. If you're okay with all this, and like me, think AC/DC take way too long to put out albums, then Big Ball are a nice alternative.


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Release date 19.03.2010
AFM Records

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