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For longer than I can remember (two weeks), I have been spinning the self-titled debut LP of New Brunswick, NJ-based Communipaw. Another one of those folk-ish outfits who seem to have taken massive amounts of inspiration from either Bob Dylan or Ryan Adams (who was also surely inspired by Dylan), and you know what? That stuff has grown on me tremendously!

There's not really much need for detailed descriptions. The combination of softly strummed guitars and banjos and softly sung vocals isn't exactly going to revolutionise the business, and if you listen to "Communipaw", you should easily recognise the sound as similar to that of Ryan Adams and Dear And The Headligths as well as maybe Into It. Over It and The Snake The Cross The Crown.

The thing about the record though, is that it is simply endlessly pleasant to listen to. It is perfect to put on while you're just minding your own business, alone in your apartment, or while you're chilling with a friend, as it's soft yet catchy tunes slowly wedge themselves into your mind. Songs like "Canada" and "Heaven, Who You" are likely to make you tilt your head and listen on first rotation, as is "Take Over", and around those songs are nine more, all of which are so chilled out it will make you relax and smile, no matter what kind of day you're having. It's all in the very done-before tradition of American folk-songwriting, but yet it doesn't sound dated and it doesn't sound like anything else but itself.

And that's it really. I don't think I can explain it beyond that. This is just good, highly enjoyable stuff that's unbelievably chilled out to listen to, yet never boring, and especially if you're the type of person who's sitting around and waiting for more Ryan Adams or Dear And The Headlights material, this should not be missed. But even if you aren't, get it anyway, it'll make you feel good, I promise!

Download: All of it, right here, free of charge
For The Fans Of: Dear And The Headlights, Ryan Adams, Into It. Over It.

Release Date 10.01.2010

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