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Norwegian Enslaved has been the pride of their country ever since they formed fifteen years ago. They have grown into a legendary status and have become the symbol of the Norwegian metal scene, carrying the sound and the look of the bands populating that overly creative scene that constantly produces the best viking/black metal bands in the world.

From the opening track "Entroper" to the eighth and closing track "Heir To The Cosmic Seed", "Ruun" impresses the listener by it's ability to turn simple, soaring chords into continous progression, resulting in an album that grows on you slowly but surely. At first, the riffs may seem simple and it may be difficult to overcome Grutle's gnarling vocal-style, but over time, the album adjusts itself into a piece that requires active listening from start to finish. Its sound fits perfectly into the viking metal genre despite the ever-growing progression the band has been exploring in the recent years, and it depicts a dramatic, mystical atmosphere. Highlight tracks such as "Tides of Chaos", where Grutle is tearing his vocals out in odd tempo compared to the instruments, or "Api-Vat", which has the catchiest viking metal base-riff heard to date, make the album well worth purchasing and listening to even in several years' time.

The career of Enslaved has reached it's 15th year by now, and the quality of their albums hasn't fallen one bit. So if we are using "RUUN" to predict the bands future, it looks brighter than ever. If you're a fan of 5+ minute songs, black/viking metal or just music with amazing depth despite its simple riffs, then Enslaved is for you.


Download: Tides Of Chaos
For the fans of: Opeth, Emperor, Darkthrone
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Release date 22.05.2006
Tabu Recordings
Provided by Target ApS

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