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Lost In The Shadows EP

Written by: TL on 12/03/2010 18:58:14

When first I heard that I was to review a band called Vampires Everywhere, my very first thought was; "well, at least they're right about it". With Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Daybreakers and whatever else is popular with the kids these days, it would seem that everyone who is anything in the media must have fangs to be trendy. You know what else is everywhere though? Generic synth-core bands with too easy access to vocoder. Maybe this band should have taken a name inspired by that instead, seeing as it would've been just as true, and it would have reflected who they are somewhat better.

Negative intro aside (no really, who calls their band "Vampires Everywhere"!? Where's the taste-police at?), Vampires Everywhere aren't as terrible on their debut EP "Lost In The Shadows", as their horrific choice of name would imply. Trading in hi-octane, melodic screamo/synth-core, both their up-beat tempos and their generic metalcore riffs and solos are relatively pleasant on the ears, as are the Oli Sykes-ish screamed vocals, even though those are of the kind that every scenester and his little sister can be found delivering equally well in front of their bedroom mirrors in these times.

The problem for these boys is that they have no identity or originality whatsoever. It's all been heard before, done better by bands I'm not even particularly fond of, and when you sound this generic with your riffs, melodies and screams, what you really need to hold anyone's attention for more than five minutes, is a charismatic clean singer. As you may have figured from my intro, Vampires Everywhere does in fact not trade in one of those, rather they have settled for what sounds somewhat like Microsoft Sam on helium. Or the robot Alpha from Power Rangers.. Or.. Or.. Okay, I'll can it , you get where my head's at, and besides most of you regulars already know how much I detest these vocoded newbies anyway.

So, to sum up, Vampires Everywhere are as manufactured and generic a screamo/synthcore band as can be found in the scene these days, and while it seems they try to make up for their lacking identity by donning face-paint and imagery that was popular back in the days when My Chemical Romance, From First To Last and I Am Ghost were young bands, this will only really help them in the eyes of little girls and halloweencore goths. If you don't mind such cheesiness however, I suppose you could do a whole lot worse, what with bands who have breakdowns instead of riffs and lyrics exclusively going "OH MY GOD!" over and over around. I would have given this a 6½, but then I looked at the band's myspace again, and as I swallowed back the puke that was suddenly in my mouth, it seemed more fair with a plain:


Download: Bury Me Alive, Forever Forever
For The Fans Of: Black Veil Brides, We Came As Romans, Asking Alexandria

Release Date 02.02.2010
Century Media

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