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The Meeting

Written by: DR on 11/03/2010 21:36:21

Somewhere in Italy, between 2007 and 2009, two ambient artists by the names of Subinterior and Selaxon Lutberg decided to collaborate. The result is this, "The Meeting". It has four "sides", if you will, each representing a season, and each containing three songs dedicated to the feeling of those seasons. It was later picked up by Denovali Records, who presumably decided music such as this deserved to be heard by a wider audience. (Of course, you'd think they just don't care considering how little effort they had put into the promo copies of this album: the song titles were wrong, there was no album artwork or information about either band, in fact, they'd only bothered to credit Subinterior's contribution to this).

Subinterior & Selaxon Lutberg are not lacking in ambition. This makes for an interesting listen, and their ambient nature only fuels the flame of curiosity. But at the same time, this album is so "out there" to the point that it seems strange. It lasts for an hour and a quarter, so please bring your enduring disposition. It begins with the years end in "Winter Meeting" (and proceed chronologically in order to finish with the Fall). Running water, whistling winds and a dark, sombre atmosphere create the opening track. Minus the water and the whistles, that's pretty much what the entire album sounds like: suspenseful, sombre, but never really going anywhere, not helped by how little there is going on. "Prayer Behind The Sun" has the dark resonance that could easily be a score from a horror film, the sheer chill-factor it gives makes it worth a listen. "Summer Meeting" opens with footsteps on gravel (very summery!) before giving a thunder-esque rumble that eases into more water. "Il Sole Sta Per Morire E Noi Con Lui" is the shortest song, and the best. It starts with sullen guitars, which eventually fade into the background, as an uplifting, yet melancholic, hum resounds.

In conclusion, the fact they parade their songs as supposedly capturing the atmosphere of season doesn't help, because they just do not do that. "The Meeting" is one of the most challenging records you will ever listen to because if you don't have the patience of a saint, you might just give up before forming any sort of emotional attachment. This type of "music" toes a fine line between being brilliant and being boring. It would make a great soundtrack, where its function would be to add a bit of gloom underneath of all that's going on at the forefront of people's attentions. Yes, they create mood well, but it's still boring.


Download: Prayer Behind The Sun; Il Sole Sta Per Morire E Noi Con Lui
For The Fans of: Ambient; Drone; Dark Ambient
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Release Date 2010
Denovali Records

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