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The Heavy Weight EP

Written by: PP on 10/03/2010 19:26:24

Oops, this one almost passed me by without me noticing, but it's probably worth mentioning to our Danish audiences. Last Mile, as we all know, is the hardcore side project of Jacob Bredahl, the dude who plays in like a thousand bands and produces another thousand while he's at it, not to even mention all the other activities he involves himself with in the Danish music scene. I think he could teach Santa a few lessons on how to reach all the children during Christmas eve. The group put out a fiercely aggressive four track EP "The Heavy Weight" last year, which is under review consideration here.

To start off, a warning: Last Mile are hardcore to the bone. The riffs are mostly chug-chug down tuned stuff, with bass adding an element of heaviness to the music, the drums don't vary from your typical hardcore/punk band, and the vocals are screamed/yelled in the same way as with every band in the genre. So if that's a boner-killer for you, you might as well skip this review altogether. TL, I'm looking at you. But what makes Last Mile stick out from their German, and why not also Frederician(?) counterparts, including Bredhals' previous hardcore project Barcode, is that Last Mile has some serious attitude in their music. Not only are the intensity levels sky high on every instrument, but the soundscape has been limited into a remarkably tight one, allowing the band to 'bounce off' the walls of their sound. The vocals are fierce, and gain momentum from the high octane pace of the guitar/drums combo, which is something that also translates into an energetic live performance. Trust me, I've seen them before.

At the same time, Last Mile don't stick THAT much out from the generic hardcore band. They're a tad bit better, but if you are to bring on table heavyweights like Sick Of It All, Wisdom In Chains, et al, the king of the hill battle all of a sudden becomes tilted heavily against Last Mile. That said, they're still the best hardcore band around in Denmark (not that the competition is particularly hard), so as a Danish music fan, you're expected to check them out and know their songs.

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For the fans of: Barcode, As We Fight, Spinkick, No Turning Back
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Release date March 2009
Demons Run Amok

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