Waves Of Visual Decay

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With a shame in my heart, I remember the first time I listened to Communic. It was last year, not so long after the release of their debut album "Conspiracy In Mind". I don't know what was wrong with me that day, it's quite clear that there's nothing wrong with the album, but I just didn't like the band at all. This continued for a while but then somehow I listened to the album once again and that's the day I totally fell in love with Communic.

To tell the story from the beginning; Norwegian power/ progressive metallers Communic were formed by guitarist/vocalist Oddleif Stensland and drummer Tor Atle Andersen in March 2003 then Erik Mortensen joined the band as the bass player. The band recorded a three-track demo and after receiving good reviews from the press and some serious recognition, they signed a record deal to Nuclear Blast. The debut album was released on February 21st 2005 and on May 19th 2006, Communic were back with their new album, “Waves Of Visual Decay”.

“Waves Of Visual Decay” consists of seven songs, is close to an hour long and was recorded in Denmark in Hansen Studios with producer Jacob Hansen; he is surely one of the most successful and popular producers nowadays and he once again proves that he deserves this popularity through this album. Each and every song has soul, power, complex structures, depth, perfect songwriting, very precise and sometimes technical drums, thrilling bass, catchy vocal melodies and awesome vocals. I really am not sure how to describe the vocals, but can be described as a cross between Warrel Dane and Matt Barlow, and I must say that Oddleif Stensland is one of the most versatile vocalists. Most of the bands, when they write long songs, usually lose their ways in the long run and get lost in the songs. Yes, Communic write long songs too but no, they don’t get lost in any of the songs or make you lose your mind when the songs change.

If you are one of the lucky ones that listened to Communic's debut album, be sure not to miss this one either. But even if you haven't heard of Communic before, no worries, you can be one of the lucky ones that are going to know about them. So do yourself a favor and listen to “Waves Of Visual Decay”, every minute of it is worth your time.

As Nuclear Blast say in the promo sheet; With Communic, the worldwide Metal scene has a new exciting and promising name to remember! These guys are a talent that doesn't come along too often… maybe only once in a lifetime!!


Download: Under a Luminous Sky, Frozen Asleep In The Park
For the fans of: Nevermore, Iced Earth
Listen: Communic at Myspace

Release date 19.05.2006
Nuclear Blast Records

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