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So here it is. The long-awaited sophomore album from Office of Strategic Influences or just OSI. Their self-titled debut from 2003 was given good recognition around the world of metal. The band members are: Kevin Moore(Vocals, keyboards), who is a former Dream Theater member, Jim Matheos(guitarist) of Fates Warning fame, who did the songwriting alongside Kevin Moore, Joey Vera(bass), a former Fates Warning member at the bass, and notorious Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater as the drummer.

This already indicates that this must be a prog metal album. And it certainly is. The first song "Sure You Will" leads your thoughts towards Primus with a bassline without anything but the bass and drums being present. But when Kevin Moore´s relaxed vocals set in, it's more undefineable. It's a great opener and describes what OSI is all about; A very relaxed kind of progressive rock that won't make you headbang in the best Cliff Burton way.

The remaining songs tend use the exact same formula. Kevin Moore's use of the keyboard suits the laid back sound perfectly. Don't have too high expectations about this album, if you're a Dream Theater fan, because it doesn´t sound anything like it despite the two masterminds of the band participating in OSI. However, if you like Chroma Key, you will probably like this album as well.

The album has a dreaming and atmospheric sound, and the music is actually quite complex. It doesn't include those monstercatchy choruses, but that doesn´t create a problem in my ears. My only "problem" is, that it`s a bit too dark. But all in all this is a good album, that will suit your sad rainy day perfectly.


Download: Sure You Will, Bigger Wave
For The Fans Of: Chroma Key
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Release date 26.04.2006
InsideOut Music/SPV
Provided by Target ApS

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