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Morgen Wieder Lustig

Written by: DR on 05/03/2010 12:04:52

One thing I love about writing for is that even though you tend to get enough crap music to cancel out all the awesome, it does at least open you up to a whole world of new music that you didn't know existed, from countries you (or I) had pigeon-holed into thinking only catered for certain genres. Naive and foolish, I know, but I'm learning. Sankt Otten are from Germany, and rather than playing metal, or something big, heavy and German-like, they play something called "trip-hop", which is as far removed from metal as musically possible.

If, like me, you're a complete noob to this genre, allow me to share what I've learnt about it so far: trip-hop is a musical movement that started in Bristol, UK in the early 1990s, and can be defined as "type of dance music, played on electronic instruments and with a slow beat", according to Longman Dictionary. The most famous sons of this movement are Portishead and Massive Attack (if you're still unsure, think of the theme to "House M.D."). From what my poor German can decipher, "Morgen Wieder Lustig" is this duo's fourth full-length release, though they have been making music together for over a decade.

Early signs were good, as opener "Ein Himmel voller Galgen" had that slow burning movie-soundtrack ambience akin to post-rock. I was expecting an album of similar stuff; it wasn't to be. "Mutter, Jazz und der heilige Geist" shows Sankt Otten reaching into an electronica sound with its broken beats, low pitch buzzing and dissonant humming. These two songs, the first two songs, are the two sides to Sankt Otten. There's the easing, chillout nature of "Wenn die Rechnung nicht aufgeht" and "Lustig, lustig demain encore lustig" that absorbs you right into the music, but there's also less attractive side, with the beats and the bombilating, that unfortunately occupies most of this album.

The less attractive, and lesser, side isn't without interest, as you're certain to be intrigued, at the least. Again and again you'll play it, trying to work out whether you like it or loathe it - I'm still trying to figure out as much now. But after so, so many plays and so much attention, I still cannot say for certain that I hate it, but I don't really love it. The interest has started to weaken, and very little is left.


Download: Ein Himmel voller Galgen; Wenn die Rechnung nicht aufgeh; Lustig, lustig demain encore lustig
For The Fans of: Massive Attack; Portishead; Sesatee
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Release Date 19.02.2010
Denovali Records

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