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Written by: TL on 04/03/2010 19:24:08

Sometimes you get a record between your hand, as a reviewer, and you have no idea whether you really think it's good or not, let alone what to grade it, no matter how much you listen to it. There are those records and then there are records like the the split recently put out by The Cold Beat and Movers & Shakers. A record I have listened to only five, maybe six times in nothing near close succession, yet I recognize it the second I put it on, and I hum along to two or three out of four songs with ease. That kind of record it's easy to know what to think of, because that effect equals quality unmistakably.

On side A of the disc - supposedly a vinyl, not that I know, I only have a digital version - The Cold Beat have laid down two tracks, the first of which, "Absolute Zero" is probably the weakest track on offer, a folly which the band makes up on "Tracks", the chorus and gang shouts of which makes it easily the catchiest song on offer. Both are casual, easy-to-enjoy renditions of the band's raw, yet laid back Gaslight Anthem-esque sound.

Moving on to side B, Movers & Shakers are up, and as opposed to The Cold Beat, they are a band I was unfamiliar with prior to this release. On their first track "Movin' On" however, they prove to just as much of a joy to listen to as TCB, laying down a rollin' yet also casual tune, which, with it's Hammond organ in the background, sounds a lot like some of Rancid's less aggressive output (I'm thinking "Red Hot Moon" here). A classic good times rock'n'roll solo later and it's time for their second bid, namely "An Original Idea" which also leaves an impression with it's good single vocal/choir dynamic and chilled out guitar work.

Overall, there is of course not much to be had here in terms of originality, as both bands sound more than a little like other, bigger punk rock names, and if you're looking for perfect production, you're shit out of luck too, because this sounds mostly like a garage recording - In a good way though, as it really only adds to the atmosphere on a vinyl I could easily imagine putting on (if I had such analogue equipment), to kick back, relax and enjoy the moment with a can of beer. The only real drawback is that it's too short, which would force me to get off my ass and find something else to put on all too soon.


Download: Movin' On, Tracks
For The Fans Of: Rancid, The Gaslight Anthem, Social Distortion

Release Date 12.01.2010

The Cold Beat:

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