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Written by: TL on 04/03/2010 17:47:42

A few days ago, I introduced you good folks to A Road To Damascus, telling you about having secured their EP. I did that by picking it up from them at their show in support of Yashin, however, theirs was not the only release I got my filthy hands on that night, as my ears (and pockets) were also graced by the music of Oniontree, an eager young four piece hailing from somewhere as remote as the Faeroe Islands.

These four dudes have recently (and by that I mean November last year) released their first EP, titled "Solitude" and it was with this I made my escape that night, having been initially intrigued by the song that opens up both the disc and the band's myspace player, called "The Machine". This song I reckon, is like a business card which OT will want to 'hand out' to as many people as possible, because it is a song that simply screams single potential, while perfectly showcasing the band's sound, as it comes racing out the gates with punk rock speeds, poppy scandinavian keyboard melodies and a powerful chorus. Think of Autopilot Off or Rise Against, except with a touch of Scandinavian sound and production (courtesy of Jacob Hansen by the way) in the vein of The Rasmus (or HIM maybe?), and you have a picture of what this is.

So, off to a start with much impact, it becomes the job of the rest of "Solitude EP" to live up to the promise of "The Machine". Something I am unfortunately afraid it doesn't do all that consistently, what with the two slower songs, "Distorted You" at track two and "Solitude" at track four, being somewhat forgettable even if they aren't bad at all. Oniontree still sound good on them, singing, instrumentals and production all coming together smoothly in a radio friendly punk/rock manner, yet, they don't seem to pack the same punch when they slow things down - It's just as if it sounds a bit too ordinary perhaps? Track three, "Down" makes a case for redemption, as it ups the pace back to the speed "The Machine", instantly getting you to tap your feet again, however, it is so similar that song, that it can't help but pale a bit in comparison either.

All in all, I think what "Solitude EP" showcases, is a band that's got a good grasp of what they want to sound like and how to put a song together relatively smoothly and effectively, but as of yet, their work is a bit too simple to really stir you up, when it doesn't hit you at high speed. That "The Machine" will turn plenty of heads is a given, but I think Oniontree are indeed faced with turning up the creativity for tracks to come, lest they should fall short and mark the band as a one hit wonder very early in their career. It's a bit of a shitty thing to say I guess, because like I mentioned, it's not that the other three songs suck, they just don't quite measure up. But that's always the danger of writing a really good tune though isn't it?

Download: The Machine, Down
For The Fans Of: Autopilot Off, Rise Against, The Rasmus, HIM
Listen: myspace.com/oniontree

Release Date 27.11.2009

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