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Icons Of The Illogical

Written by: PP on 02/03/2010 11:40:54

Oh how the mighty fall. Just two years ago Kris Norris was the lead guitarist for one of the most exciting new metalcore / modern melodeath bands around, Darkest Hour. He helped them release such critically acclaimed masterpieces as "Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation" and "Undoing Ruin", which according to many is one of the very best albums of the decade just passed. In September 2008 he left the band just under a year after the band released "Deliver Us" to focus on a production career. On the side, he has a solo project called The Kris Norris Projekt, and to little hype or recognition from the scene, they released an album called "Icons Of The Illogical" in early January.

So what's Kris up to on his solo project? Basically, same as with Darkest Hour. Blinding leads that leave us guitar noobs standing in awe over how he intersperses melody and technique seamlessly, spiced up with brilliant melodeath solos here and there. The only problem is, that for some unfathomable reason, the vast majority of "Icons Of The Illogical" is all instrumental. Now whose retarded idea was it to write instrumental metalcore? Most new metalcore bands are beyond boring because nearly all riffs are recycled over and over again. When you remove vocals from the mix, the end result is even worse. So even though Norris is undeniably a great guitarist, as seen on almost any track of this album, the lack of vocals makes the record feel like a second, no wait, third rate Darkest Hour, if not worse than that.

Every now and then some Lamb Of God inspired macho growls are present in the mix (see "Ghostly Shell Removal"), but here's where Norris' lack of production experience comes into spotlight. The vocals are weak, hollow and unpolished, just like many of the non-melodic guitar parts, which sound like they were recorded through a shoe in some remote garage. They are only present on a couple of tracks, though, and even though they add at least some value to this record, overall, "Icons Of The Illogical" feels a completely pointless metalcore effort.


Download: The Law Of Falling Bodies, Ghostly Shell Removal
For the fans of: Darkest Hour, Lamb Of God
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Release date 14.01.2009
Magna Carta

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