Disappearing World

Written by: DR on 22/02/2010 13:50:31

Fair's debut album "The Best Worst-Case Scenario" won heavy critical acclaim, and rightly so, but despite many plaudits for writing some of the finest pop-driven alternative rock in recent history, it never really 'took off' - which should be a crime considering how popular some of the shit in today's music scene gets. "Disappearing World" is Fair's second album, and it has taken nearly four years to arrive, but that's down to Aaron Sprinkle (vocals, guitar, piano, production) already being a very busy producer, working with the likes of Emery, Anberlin, Demon Hunter and Copeland. He has a wealth of experience in this game, not just as a producer, but as a songwriter and musician. This shows, for "Disappearing World" just breathes quality.

It seems effortless, too, due to the relatively simple nature of Fair. The musicianship is never over-stretched nor too technical, the lyrics are fairly simple, the vocals are somewhat comfortable in their grandeur, and there's not all that much originality to be found - but that's because this band are brilliant are what they do, so much so that it seems effortless. On your first listen this isn't too apparent, as they may sound just like a standard alternative rock band, spin it again, and once more, and then you'll understand why there isn't a bad review of this album out there (at least not to the best of my knowledge).

Aaron Sprinkle + co have a knack, nay, a gift for crafting songs that are both dynamic and melodious. First single "Disappearing World" is one of ten examples of this, and features stylings that will perk up the ears of Death Cab fans everywhere. They don't rehash this song tenfold and call it an album, thankfully. Along with killers hooks, they experiment with a jazzy, blues'y sounding piano which helps "Walking In My Sleep" become the best song on the album. Fair also possess the ability to write upbeat songs like "One Last Time" and "It's Doubtful" that melt into the slower songs such as "The Worst of Your Wear" which features Aaron Marsh, and is the only song that threatens to become average when not even Sprinkle's superb vocals can carry it into the territory of being great; this is until the Copeland frontman comes in, in all his soft and warming glory, he catalyses a chemistry between the pair.

"Disappearing World" is an early contender for album of the year, meaning just about every other band out there will have to come up something special to even come close, I don't even want to comprehend how good an album will have to be to top it! It's never pretentious, or arrogant, it instead makes you smile and sing along. This is one of the most assured records to have ever graced my speakers. Fair don't have to be different to everyone else, because they are simply better than them.


Download: Walking In My Sleep; The Worst of Your Wear; One Last Time; Wayside
For The Fans of: Death Cab For Cutie; Jonezetta; The Fold
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Release Date 9.02.2010
Tooth & Nail Records

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