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Finland is surely one of the most productive countries in the melodic music. The more popular bands like 69 Eyes, Sentenced and especially HIM get, the more and more new bands follow them musically. And once again a new follower has arrived: Velvetcut.

Velvetcut was formed by the lead singer/songwriter Tomi in 1999 under the name Trey 13. After some line-up and name changes and releasing an EP called "Everyone To Please", touring Finland with Trigon and Kayah, playing at big festivals, the band finally started work on their debut album in 2004. The album was being recorded in several locations within the Helsinki and Seinäjoki areas with producer Mikko Herranen who also contributes to the album as a musician with playing bass on four tracks, doing back vocals and playing piano. Actually despite the full line-up on the album booklet, Velvetcut seems to be a one man show more than being a band. This is mainly because not only Mikko Herranen but some other musicians play on the album on different tracks, making the actual band members less obvious.

Velvetcut's debut album, Thirteen, has a deep and atmospheric rock sound with some melodic and up-tempo and some melancholic depressing songs. And there is nothing wrong with the songs, the album is well produced, the instruments are well played, the guy has a great voice, as a side note for the girls he is also very handsome, and lastly the songs are very easy to listen to that i dont think you will need to skip the tracks or press the stop key. The downside unfortunately is that they also have nothing new, there are many bands doing the same music. So if you are tired and feel overloaded by these gothic rock bands, then Velvetcut is definitely not for you.

I had a hard times deciding what to rate the album, giving it a 7 would be unfair and yet I don’t think that it deserves a 8, so here's the solution:

Download: Everyone To Please, Where Love Has No Name
For the fans of: HIM
Listen: Velvetcut at Myspace

Release date: 22.05.2006
Firebox Records
Provided by Target ApS

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