Children Of Nova

The Complexity Of Light EP

Written by: TL on 20/02/2010 00:00:59

Hmm.. So where was I before this bitch called life carried me away and sidetracked me again? Oh yeah, heading down through a pile of EP's from last year which aren't really promos or anything, rather they are merely interesting enough to merit your attention regardless. Next in that line are Children Of Nova, a five piece from San Diego, CA, who put out their debut EP "The Complexity Of Light", and who are a worthy name to check out for any fan of say - The Mars Volta?

I think so because, let's face it, if you click that player down there, it's not like there's any doubt in your mind that these dudes sound a shitload like TMV. From the latin-inspired percussion through the psychedelic guitarwork and all the way down to the effect on the vocals, these guys are bound to be TMV fans through and through.. And when that adoration have resulted in songs that do indeed sound like catchier versions of material from TMV's debut "De-Loused In The Comatorium", do you really feel like you have a reason to complain? I know I don't.

Of course, you could also draw comparisons to bands such as Tides Of Man and Closure In Moscow if you like, but what's important to understand is that CoN write music with rhythms for the hips, guitars for acid heads and prog rockers and they do so in a manner that's slightly more catchy than it is "out there", which can feel like a relief, considering just how beweirding TMV's stuff can actually be. This has resulted in three opening songs that are brilliant, flowing nicely, catching on easily and spicing things up with good breaks and tempo changes - yet also with three closing ones, that somehow feel slightly less potent than the first three.

Overall though, considering how this is a debut from a young band, I think it's remarkable how much of TMV's magic they've managed to recreate, and how well they've managed to craft it into songs that are somewhat easier to get into. If they can take a step up and sound just a little bit more than their own band, and write an album where they refine their strengths even more consistently, then I'm sure they will contend for some serious attention soon enough. A recommended listen!

Download: The Complexity Of Light, Arcaedion, The Fall Of Aphonia
For The Fans Of: The Mars Volta, Tides Of Man, Closure In Moscow

Release Date 26.03.2009

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