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Old Pride

Written by: PP on 17/02/2010 14:36:24

Pianos Become The Teeth are a perfect case study example for my long proclaimed opinion that creative bands names are almost always an indication of creative music. Think about it, if you're able to come up with something original and interesting for the name of your band, then why shouldn't that creativity translate into songwriting as well? It takes just one listen to their debut album "Old Pride" to convince yourself that is indeed the case for this Maryland bunch, and another to fall in love with these guys if the early screamo / post-hardcore scene appeals to you more than the trend-inclined one today.

Claustrophobic, volatile, confined experimental screamo meets progressive soundscapes with beautiful atmospheric post-hardcore buildups crashing into chaotic screamo in the blink of an eye. That's how these guys sound like in a nutshell. It's possible to draw parallels to bands like United Nations, Elder, envy, and Thursday, and especially the latter two have certainly been of great influence to these guys whilst writing this record. A 50/50 split between the painstaking emotional hardcore of early Thursday records and the progressive post-rock influenced post-hardcore of envy is the focal point throughout the record, with tracks like the explosive album opener "Filial" leading a bunch of songs where sincerity, honesty, urgency and passion shines through every track.

If envy take a tad bit too long at developing their chaotic post-rock meets post-hardcore atmospheres with their six minute plus songs, then look no further than Pianos Become The Teeth, whose medium length tracks are instead packed with fuzzy action enough to satisfy the inner ADD-suffering personality in all people of our generation, while offering enough intricate melodies and intelligent structures to satisfy our intellectual needs as well. One of the most exciting band's in screamo that I've heard lately.

Download: Filial, Quit Benefit, Jess And Charlie
For the fans of: early Thursday, envy, United Nations, Elder
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Release date 26.01.2010
Topshelf Records

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