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Written by: KS on 15/04/2005 10:34:03

With "Volcano", Gatsby's American Dream continues to write theme albums and they do it exceptionally well. "Volcano" is a great indie album, containing a bunch of excellent songs for you to get caught up in. The opening track "Theatre" is a perfect album opener, very much defining what the rest of the album sounds like, though they can't be put in only one box. "Meet Me At The Tavern In Bower" is probably the shortest complete track I've ever heard, only 28 seconds, but it still seems like a complete song. My favorite song of this release is "Badlands" because this song simply has it all. Mellow sound, heavier sound, nice singing and great riffs.


Download: Badlands, Theatre
For the fans of: Mae, Copeland, Time To Fly

Release date 12.4.2005
Fearless Records

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