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Written by: PP on 08/02/2010 22:25:15

Hoping to reinstate the mid 90s hardcore sound otherwise known as "Holy Terror"-hardcore (dubbed after the record label housing bands like Integrity etc) are Holland's Human Demise, who've been a band since 2004 but have only just released their debut full length, "The Odditorium". Now there are a lot of opinions regarding the bands who were on Holy Terror back then, many accusing them for spearheading the monotone-sounding hardcore that the scene is riddled with today, but within every gray mass there's always one gem, and back then that record was Integrity's "Systems Overload". This is more or less the record that, by the sounds of it, has been the main source of inspiration for these dutch folks, but despite giving it more than a reasonable amount of time to grow on me, it's just nowhere near as good - as is usually the case with derivate-sounding bands in any genre.

If the above description says nothing to you, then let it be known that Human Demise play ballsy, metallic hardcore of a fairly uneventful kind, where you've got a dude harshly screaming his lungs off above a generic hardcore platform. It's fierce and aggressive, but not much else, as there aren't many (if any) points of reference on the album which would grab your attention. Now I'm sure they're all xhardcorexunityxstrengthxmoshxcore and all, but when there are a thousand bands that sound exactly like this and none of them good, I'm afraid Human Demise will have immense trouble to appealing to anyone except the camouflage-shorts, wife-beater wearing stereotypical hardcore kid. When you have zero tracks offering even the slightest piece of melody or even a catchy lyric (see: Ruiner for a great example of how it can be done well), there's no realistic way to distinguish Human Demise from the masses of hardcore bands playing the same style. It's releases like these that make Bane look so damn good in comparison.


Download: Born/Unborn, Apocalypse Manmade
For the fans of: Ringword, Integrity
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Release date December 2009
WTF Records

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