Mammoth Grinder

Extinction Of Humanity

Written by: PP on 07/02/2010 21:39:15

Mammoth Grinder. Sometimes the name of the band says it all, as by the end of their bleakly themed new album "Extinction Of Humanity", you'll probably feel like a mammoth after a painful passage through a meat grinder. So the name is oddly fitting for this Austin, Texas death metal outfit, who couple together pummeling serpentine riffs from the old school death metal era with a distinct old school hardcore sound, and inject a healthy dose of muscular, sludgy sound a la High On Fire in the process.

The band's vocalist sports a characteristic, primal roar making him the centerpiece of "Extenction Of Humanity" as he gargles and rumbles his way through the just 20 minutes of songs on offer. He should bring to mind the viking metal roar of the dude from Entombed, and while that type of a fuzzy, cloudy delivery can often hurt an album, here it adds a degree of mystique to the band's already intriguing sound. Sludge, hardcore, and death metal are all loosely combined into a sound that I've seen described as "death n roll" on other sites, because of the groovy, 'rolling' nature of the guitars, which also have no problem emitting a barrage of traditional death metal riffs. As a result, you have a vicious, uncompromising sound, that's surprisingly easily accessible for a non DM fanatic such as this scribe. With that in mind, I guess you could argue that if Motörhead played death metal, Mammoth Grinder's pretty close to how they'd sound, if they were on steroids. Decent stuff.

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For the fans of: Entombed, Weekend Nachos, Mind Eraser
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Release date 15.12.2009

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