Rise And Fall

Our Circle Is Vicious

Written by: PP on 07/02/2010 16:31:05

Normally metalcore/hardcore hybrids tend to ease you into their record with an introduction of some sort, but not Rise And Fall. These guys explode on your face like a new years firecracker with a way too short fuse, without warning, throwing you on your back because of the blast on "Soul Slayer", and from here on, hardcore punk, metalcore, and haunting soundscapes intersperse for the rest of "Our Circle Is Vicious". It's as if Norma Jean just took the stage, except they are all on steroids, so what you see standing in front of you is a muscular hardcore sound with leanings to the chaos-hardcore of The Chariot as well, although overall in a much simpler format.

Now for the rest of the album, Rise And Fall has a stranglehold on your neck, and they refuse to let go until they've pounded your face for about 30 minutes straight. It's a short album, but that's because the punch it packs is freaking effective and efficient, from the raucous hardcore punk sounds of "It's A Long Way Down" to the Norma Jean-esque, droning "Harm's Way", which comes at the listener in waves of boom....booom...boooooom until you have no choice but to start bouncing off the walls with your eyes fixated on anything that your limbs are able to break. Yeah, they are ferocious, they are fierce, and they are even brutal at times, but miraculously they are also memorable much in the same way as a certain album called "Redeemer" and another one called "The Fiancee". I mean, "To The Bottom" sounds like it could've been the finishing track on the former, for fucks sake. "A Present Tense" and "In Circles" bring into mind "Versions"-era Poison The Well when they're at their most aggressive.

Convinced yet? The fucked up thing is that these guys come from Belgium, so they are so unknown and underrated....well, pretty much everywhere. Don't miss out on one of the best metallic hardcore releases of 2009, a record that's comparable to Norma Jean's "Redeemer" in terms of impact if it were discovered by the scene en masse.


Download: Harm's Way, To The Bottom, Soul Slayer
For the fans of: Norma Jean, The Chariot, Poison The Well
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Release date 20.10.2009
Deathwish Inc

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