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Written by: PP on 03/02/2010 04:20:43

It's one thing to be influenced by or to sound a little bit like some band. Lot of bands do that, quite successfully even, especially in the punk and pop punk scene. In fact it's almost impossible not to sound like one band or another these days, considering the overwhelming amount of Hit The Lights', Fall Out Boys, Paramores et al we have dominating the airwaves today. And there's nothing wrong with that, at all. But to literally clone, steal, and rip off melodies so directly and obviously as Jetty Boys do on their most recent album "Sheboygan"...well there's no way these guys will avoid a lawsuit from Green Day should these guys ever grow their fanbase enough to make it worthwhile.

Remember how Green Day sounded like on "Dookie"? Remember that innocent, slightly naive voice of Billie Joe Armstrong and those crunchy guitars that laid the foundations for pretty much every pop punk band today? Well take a listen to "Don't Know What You Do". Not only are the riffs and the guitar tone identical to Green Day's, but even the vocal melodies, the slight changes in pitch, not to even mention the chorus timings, they are precisely, and I mean PRECISELY the same as on "Dookie" songs, with close parallels to "Insomniac" and "Nimrod" tracks as well. "Reflectors", "Empty Handed", "Not The One", "Mr Negative" are the other direct offenders, there really isn't any doubt that the sound hasn't been directly copied, hence you'll have "GREENDAY GREEN DAY GREENDAY" echoing inside your head during them. The worst part about it all? Jetty Boys actually pull off Green Day better than Green Day themselves these days. Yes, they sound identical to "Dookie" and "Nimrod"-era Green Day, but there's no denying that these songs are ridiculously catchy. There's a reason why "Dookie" sold so many copies back in the day, you know.

The other tracks fall underneath the powerpop category, with clearly audible influences present from bands like Ramones, and in more modern scenery, Teenage Bottlerocket. Including elements from tight skatepunk, "Lonely", for example, is a brilliant track demonstrating that Jetty Boys are also able to write tracks with a touch of originality in them as well. "St Patrick's Day" is another good example of that. So yes, the record lacks originality and yes, in places it sounds like the only songs the band ever learned to play on their instruments were every single Green Day song up to "Warning". But if you're a "Dookie" fan like me, then this record is the next best thing, because we can assume with certainty that Green Day are never gonna write another "Dookie" and I don't see any other viable candidates around to replace that much-loved sound in 2010. For their next record, however, Jetty Boys need to focus on writing more songs like "Lonely", and they'll earn a much better rating from me.


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Release date 21.10.2009
Rally Records

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