The Loneliest EP

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Technical punk rockers Rufio love to overwhelm their sound with pop punk harmonies all over, a big part of the reason why these guys are so loved in the scene. They've been gone for a while - almost five years now since their previous full length "The Comfort Of Home" - because of a breakup, but now the differences have been solved and the band is ready with a new teaser EP "The Loneliest" before they put out "The Full Reality" later on this year. Now, the band has lost two of its original members prior to the breakup, so there are always going to be those who will be crying it's just not the same, but hear me out. The few tracks on offer here promise the full length to live up to all Rufio-fan expectations.

The EP features just two tracks - "All That Lasts" and "The Loneliest" - in both electric and acoustic format. The first thing you'll notice about both is how they're slightly less technical and lean a lot more towards pop punk than before. Don't get me wrong, they've always been pop punk, but never really as much so. "All That Lasts" still happens to crank up the pace to the maximum, while shooting some playful tech guitars here and there, but in its essence it's a pop punk song. And oh my, if you ever liked the first Fastlane album, there's every chance that you'd love "The Loneliest", which feels like it has been directly lifted off the emotionally charged pop punk masterpiece "New Start", only with some technical guitars added.

The acoustic tracks are basically identical to the electric ones except they only feature the singer and an acoustic guitar. While I'll always prefer the electric tracks over these, it's here where the band's poppy vocal melodies, especially the high pitched clean ones, really come to their own, because you don't have to focus on the lightning-like guitars as much. In the end, both songs are really good, but since there are only two of them, it's hard to give "The Loneliest EP" any higher score than a

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Release date 19.01.2010
The Militia Group

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