A Lapdance For The Devil

Written by: TL on 02/02/2010 00:08:24

A good while ago I received in my mail "A Lapdance For The Devil", the debut LP of Danish metal four-piece Anoxia. Initially, I laughed out loud a bit, realizing that these guys have the same name that a close friend of mine (and a regular at the site) use online. My laughter died out quickly however, as this batch of relatively traditional heavy metal was quickly passed over and left behind in our promo forum, and I also realized that I would have to review it myself, despite suspecting that some of our other writers, such as GR or EW would be far better suited for it.

Ah well, at least I like to pretend that doing this reviewing gig for far too long have opened my mind to a variety of different genres, so while I'm hard pressed to draw the most accurate comparisons between Anoxia and similar artists in their genre, I should at least be able to compare their level of quality to the hundres and hundreds of other bands I have reviewed the past few years, and despite an initial skepticism towards the album, it doesn't take many songs off the top of it to convince me that it's not sitting in the less impressive end of the things has treated me to.

Anoxia play what I'd call a mixture of power, trad and thrash metal, complete with mean, thrashing riffage and Hetfield-esque scratched vocals as well as high-strung power shrieks and blazing solos. That mixture alone combines two of my favourite metal substances, and considering that the combination is done with a solid sense for dynamics and flow, I quickly take joy in hearing Anoxia switch gears back and forth between their elements within the confines of each song, doing so seamlessly at every turn, so that it doesn't actually feel like the songs are changing style. Imagine a half&half hybrid of Metallica and Iron Maiden, and your head should pretty much be in the same place as mine is, when describing this band's sound.

As many a reader will know, having a good, characteristic soundscape will go along way towards squeezing some praise out of me, and seeing as Anoxia have wrapped the qualities I just described up in perfect production, sounding not too clean, yet not wannabe-oldschool either, I am indeed finding it very easy to enjoy both the blistering axework and the attitude-filled choruses. One question does remain however, and it's the familiar one of whether or not I will actually remember the songs from this disc for long after writing its review. As I listen to it carefully one final time before posting this, I do actually think that experience has yet to teach Anoxia to unlock the full, potential memorability of their otherwise sweet sounding stuff, simply because the songs are slightly hard to pick out from among each other. So in short, this is solid and characteristic stuff with a high entertainment factor, even if the memorability of it isn't quite as high. (Especially trad-)Metallers, keep an eye on these guys!


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For The Fans Of: A 50/50 mixture of 'Maiden and Metallica

Release Date 01.02.2010

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